Fluff's 6 Point Wellness Check

All dogs need routine wellness checks and basic grooming

Dental disease is very common in dogs. Normal teeth are clean and white, the gums are uniformly pink and moist to the touch (not dry or sticky). Signs of dental issues and other health issues can often include: tartar accumulation around the base of the teeth; gums that are red, bluish, pale or inflamed or sore in appearance. While brushing your dog’s teeth our Fluff Bathers will be on the lookout for areas of concern with your dog’s teeth or gums.

Ears are one of the most common areas of concern for your pooch. Ear infections or problems can cause your dog a great deal of discomfort. Routine checking of dog’s ears can help protect their health. Normal ears should have smooth skin and be without wounds, they should be clean and dry and almost odor free, the ears should have typical carriage for the breed and should be pain free when you massage them. Our trained Fluff Bathers will look out for any of these issues. They will also help promote ear health with monthly ear cleaning with a gentle cleaner.

Eye issues can also be an area of concern for dog owners. Normal eyes should be bright, moist and clear. The Fluff bathers will check your dog’s eyes for signs of infection, debris or discomfort. They will look for signs of crustiness, discharge or teariness. The Fluff bathers will gently wipe away any debris around the eye with a wet cotton ball and will inform you of any issues they may spot. Early detection of eye issues is very important as most issues can be readily treated but if allowed to progress can become serious concerns. Checking regularly and knowing what is normal is vital to catching these problems early.


Regular nail trims are very important for your pooch’s wellness. Long nails can break and are painful to your dog. They can also cause joint stress as they alter your dog’s normal gait. Our monthly nail trims and application of our soothing paw balm will keep your dog’s feet in tiptop shape.

The skin is one of the body’s major organs and it is an important indicator of overall health. The Fluff Bathers will examine, smell and feel your dog’s skin and coat. Normal coat will be shiny and smooth, the skin will be soft and unbroken and there will be minimal odour. 


Your dog’s monthly weigh-ins will help keep the pounds from creeping up. Obesity is one of the major contributors to disease in your dog and shorter lifespan. The Fluff Bathers will record your dog’s weight monthly so that we can track any fluctuations.