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We love clean healthy dogs! Who doesn't? 

Fluff Dog Wellness Spa wants to help pet parents take the best possible care of their dogs.
With decades of experience in dog care - we've learned a few things.

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You want your dog to be happy

Let’s face it many dogs don’t enjoy going to the dog groomers. We can help with that. A routine monthly spa service creates familiarity with the process, with Fluff and the staff which helps establish your dog’s comfort and creates a more pleasant grooming experience for your pooch. We also strive to get your pooch in and out of the spa as quickly as we can so that they can spend more time walking or laying about and less time at the spa.


You want your dog to be healthy

While not all dogs require an elaborate groom, all dogs do need essential care like routine bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and dental care. Regular monitoring of your dog’s health is also crucial. Fluff’s monthly wellness checks will help you spot any health issues so that they can be addressed by your veterinarian sooner rather then later. Like many of us, our dogs tend to raid the cookie jar too often. Monthly weigh-ins of your pooch help to avoid the gradual creep up of weight. A once a year weigh in of your dog when she has her annual vet visit isn’t enough. A healthy stable weight is one of the most important factors in your dog’s wellness and longevity.

Your pocketbook

Taking great care of your dog shouldn’t break the bank. We strive to keep our pricing affordable and predictable. Our monthly program allows you to get the routine bathing and wellness services that your dog needs at a reasonable price.

Size Chart

Membership pricing

Prices may vary according to your dog’s coat, length, density and condition.

Extra Small Breed

Under 12lbs

$35 - $40

Small Breed

12 - 25lbs

$35 - $50

Medium Breed

25 - 45lbs

$45 - $55

Large Breed

45 - 90lbs

$50 - $60

Extra Large Breed

Above 90lbs

$50 - $70

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