Why did we create Fluff Dog Wellness Spa?

Our Story

We love clean dogs at Fluff Dog Wellness Spa Who doesn’t? Wrestling your dog into the tub at home and then having her shake and spray water all over your bathroom, while amusing… sometimes… is not most dog parents’ idea of a great time. Fluff takes care of that for you.

We love keeping dogs healthy! Like you we are a team of devoted pet parents and we understand how important your dog’s health is to you.  We wanted to help dog parents provide monthly routine upkeep of their dogs so we created our dog wellness checks. Our experienced staff will help you monitor for health issues with your precious pooch.

We wanted to simplify dog grooming and dog wellness. As dog parents, we were frustrated with the lack of options for dog grooming and bathing- discount establishments or overpriced salons were not for us. We wanted to provide reasonably priced dog grooming in a clean, professional and modern environment.

We want to help protect Mother Earth. We only use natural products that won’t harm the water table or the environment or your dog’s wellness! We don’t use unnatural fragrances or shampoos. A clean dog should smell clean, not leave a cloud of perfume as she walks by. Our products are very carefully selected to provide the best safest experience for your dog.

What we value

With our staff, our pet parents, and dogs at our core, we live with these values:

Ensuring your pet receives the proper care and attention they deserve

Holding ourselves accountable to the environment and the pets that play in them.

Nurturing a culture of warmth and excellence in care

Striving to create an effortless experience for you and a rejuvenating experience for your pet.

Life can get busy

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